An Open Letter To Presidents

22 July 2016


Open Letter to Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush



Dear sirs,

The 2016 RNC is over, now. I’m certain the good people of Cleveland will be relieved to see everyone go back home where they belong. The Cleveland police can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over. I don’t see things getting too out of hand in Philly for the DNC. Conservative Republicans rarely behave like unwashed, untaught, savages. And they most certainly make a genuine effort to refrain from assaulting law enforcement.

Leave that to the trash someone will, sooner or later, have to take out.

You know, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”  Were either of you aware how many people also say—with a nasty smirk, “Pants up! Don’t loot!”

I find it good for a chuckle. Mostly because it’s true. Unlike Michael Brown’s alleged (and medically-proven lie), “Hands up! Don’t shoot”

I am writing to you gentlemen for another reason. For now, I’ll ridicule BLM on my own time.

Both of you and your families shunned the RNC. I know you were showing your disapproval for Donald Trump and your solidarity with Jeb. But you did much more than that.

You blew off the Voice of the People. YOUR people, or so I once believed. Of course, it must have stung when The People didn’t want Jeb. But they didn’t. So there it is. And your reaction was to shun your party?

Usually, the Bushes are a classy bunch. But the classy and manly thing to do would have been to show up at the RNC, endorse the People’s choice, and encourage your (your?) party. Your first responsibility, as politicians and former presidents, was NOT to coddle poor Jeb because The People didn’t want him.  Jeb had a huge opportunity to man up, applaud and support The People’s choice, and stand firmly behind his (his?) party.

Instead, the whole lot of you looked as pathetic as Kasich and Romney. And those two looked like a couple of whiny little bitches who couldn’t cope with their hurt feelings and wounded pride.

The Voice of the People and the success of their own party took a back seat to their shattered hubris.

And so did yours.

So, you don’t like Trump. Well, he’s not MY first choice, either. Or second. Or third. But he IS the choice of my party and my support belongs there. I voted for him in the primary and I’ll vote for him in November, too.

But I’ll remember you two and all the party has done for you, how we trusted in you and believed in you. And how easily you turned your back on us because your son/brother didn’t have The Right Stuff.

Any vote other than a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Even a non-vote is a vote for Hillary Clinton. I thought our country meant more to you than that. I thought WE meant more to you than that.

It hurts to know I have been wrong. It’s humiliating to know I have been wrong, when I believed so completely.

I expected Kasich and Romney to act like a couple of little bitches. But I certainly did not expect that from Jeb. Maybe I should have. He came off weak. I should have seen it coming.

But nothing could have prepared me for YOUR betrayal.

On the evening of November 7th, I’ll sleep with a quiet conscience, knowing I did my level best to keep a criminal out of the WH, thus protecting my beloved country and Constitution from utter destruction.

Neither one of you will be able to do the same. There will be a time for regret, and you will taste the bitterness of it.

If Trump wins, it’ll be no thanks to either one of you.

If Hillary Clinton wins, my heart will be staring straight at Texas and the unworthy men I had once so respected.


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